We are excited to have our new catering menu available for you all on our website:

We have been looking to offer a catering menu for some time now. Please consider us next time you are looking for a lunch or dinner for your office, party, social event, or large family meal. There are some Forage favorites on the menu but there are also some items that we currently do not offer in the store. Check out the party salads or wraps section and try out some Forage wraps. The muhammara is a red pepper and walnut spread that is out of this world. Make sure to try the mushroom ceviche if you are a fan on mushrooms. 

Thanks for taking the time to check out the new menu. This is just a starting point for us and we look to expand further upon the menu in the future. 


Forage Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented and carbonated tea based beverage that is brewed with a symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria. Here at Forage we brew our own kombucha with high quality tea and organic raw cane sugar. We feel kombucha is best when there are no added ingredients to flavor the kombucha, rather allowing the natural flavor of the tea to carry the beverage. We do recognize that flavored kombucha is popular so we will have both flavored and unflavored kombucha, with the flavored varieties working in conjunction with the high quality tea. 

What to expect from our kombucha: a full flavored, perfectly carbonated, and caffeinated beverage that is a healthy and satisfying drink. Whether you use it as a soda substitute, a post workout recovery beverage, or a morning pick me up, our kombucha will never disappoint. 

Our first kombucha is a brew using a Ruby Oolong from Rishi Tea. Their Ruby Oolong is produced in the Doi Mae Salong mountainous region in Northern Thailand. As we progress we will be experimenting with various teas, including green (including jasmine teas), whites, and additional oolongs. 

Current Local Ingredients

Currently we are sourcing the following ingredients locally:

Mixed greens, kale, green beans, watermelon, sunflower sprouts, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, corn, tomatoes, squash, radish, daikon, broccoli, cilantro (pictured below - you know it is good when the root is still attached), basil, red onion, green onion, tempeh, honey, maple syrup. 

Cold Pressed Juice

There aren't too many places in Madison to get fresh juice and I am sure part of the reason is because there is not a huge demand. When we opened back in October '15 we had five juices on the menu. Noticing that demand was not huge for juice in Madison, we scaled our juice program down to two and then eventually added a third. 

We use a cold press juicer, or a masticating juicer, rather than a high speed centrifugal juicer because it produces a superior juice. The high speed juicers generate a significant amount of heat which destroys some enzymes in addition to oxidizing the fruits and vegetables, making the juice less nutritious. When you see that our juice is pre-bottled it is not because it is easier or we are taking a shortcut but rather to provide you with a superior product. 

Our three juices: 

Mean Green | cucumber, kale, apple, lemon

Firecracker | watermelon, cucumber, mint, lemon

Right on Beet | beet, orange, apple, lemon, ginger

Seasonal Salad

We have a new special seasonal salad in store and pictured below. 

Local kale, locally sourced sea beans, local dragon peas, local radish, watermelon mostarda, local carrots, lemon herb chicken and thai basil pesto. 

We plan to have a seasonal salad on special throughout the year, depending on what we can get locally and seasonally so keep an eye out for some exciting salads and bowls in the future. 

Salad Changes

We made a couple small changes (for the better, don't worry) to a couple of our signature salads. 

1. Batatas Rancheros now comes dressed with a rancheros sauce instead of the cashew dill ranch. We feel the flavors of the dressing do a better job of complimenting the jerk chicken and the other flavors in the salad than the ranch does. With that said, we still have the ranch dressing so please ask us to swap out the rancheros for the ranch if that is what you prefer. 

2. Cultured Cobb is now a more traditional Cobb, with the addition of Nueske's bacon, crumbled bleu cheese, and a red wine vinaigrette. With the bacon and cheese additions the salad increased in price as well. This salad is now our most substantial salad. If you are very hungry please order this salad; we will not disappoint. 

3. Caesar is now a traditional Caesar as well. Romaine, house made croutons, parmesan cheese, egg, and Caesar dressing. At $8 this salad is now our most affordable and most approachable. Still looking for the old Caesar? We still have the slaw, kale, and avocado, just not the chickpea croutons, but we can make something work for you. 

Why make these changes? For one, these are traditional salads for a reason. When we opened we wanted to reinvent and borrow the names of the salads. Because of this some people would order a Cobb and be wondering where the bacon or bleu cheese was. We also wanted to minimize the amount of cheese we had in the store in the beginning. But let's be real, cheese is amazing and this is Wisconsin. All of our dressings are still house made and gluten free and made without dairy. We still pride ourselves in being a restaurant where vegetarians and vegans feel welcomed so let us know if you have any dietary restrictions and we will do our best to help you navigate the menu. Thank you for the continued support. 

House Baked Bread

Our chef Kyle and sous chef Jon have been having fun with this project. It's taken them a couple weeks but we are proud of the product they are putting out now. We have been rotating through house baked ciabatta and a sourdough for our bread offerings. We offer it as a complementary side with any salad or grain bowl purchase.

This, to us, is a good example of our approach to food. A simple product, free bread, is given extreme care to create a one of a kind dining experience. We make as much as we can in house in order to have more control over our finished product. Whether the product is salad dressings, cashew milk, ricotta cheese, bread, juice, tea, or lemonades we take the extra time making these in house to better serve our customers. We are confident you will be able to taste the difference. 

Sweet and Sour Salad

We have a new seasonal salad at Forage, the Sweet and Sour Salad or Aigre Doux. 

Aigre Doux is a traditional sweet and sour French sauce and we employ it here to soften the kale and carry the salad. The sauce is made with local rhubarb, currants, Michigan cherries, golden raisins, and local honey for sweetness and sherry vinegar for the tartness. Local asparagus and radishes, house-made ricotta cheese, and sunflower seeds help round out this salad. 

Come try out it next time you are in the neighborhood. 

Smoothies at Forage

We have added two smoothies on the menu for the summer months. We will see how they sell and decide, come fall, whether or not to continue offering smoothies. Why smoothies? Well, mostly because customers would ask for them. We also wanted something that would give you some energy for a good in between meal snack. 

We put together two very different smoothies, the Wahaka and the Green Tea Smoothie.

The Wahaka (Oaxaca) is inspired by Mexican Hot Chocolate but in smoothie form. It contains cashew milk, banana, cayenne, cinnamon, mace, cacao powder, and a little honey.

The Green Tea Smoothie starts with a base of iced green tea and coconut milk and it is blended with banana, matcha powder, chia seeds, spinach, pineapple, and honey. 

Club Med Bowl

When we first opened Forage our menu only had salads. After a few weeks, we started to experiment with grain bowls and eventually found a couple that we were happy with. We recently added a third bowl to the menu, the Club Med Bowl to compliment the Power Bowl and Thai Bowl. 

Club Med Bowl has a quinoa base, and it is mixed with zhoug, roasted tomatoes, cucumber, raisins, olives, lemon-herb chicken, and topped with hummus, cilantro, and garlic oil. 

A quick note about zhoug. Zhoug is a pesto-like sauce with origins in Yemen and very popular in Israel. It is green in color and herb based with a little chile, garlic, and oil to round it out. It is incredible and so is this bowl. 

Purpose of Forage

We opened Forage in the Fall of 2016. We are two (semi) recent UW graduates who enjoy living and eating well. We noticed that there was no clear place to get a quick and healthy meal in downtown Madison and we wanted to change that. For us, eating healthy should not be a challenge. Yes, your meal at Forage may be more expensive than a meal at a different fast casual restaurant on State but we guarantee that you will feel better after you eat. We strive to provide fully nutritious food without compromising on flavor. We put effort into our preparation of our food and we feel you can taste the difference. We would put our salads up against any salad in town. 

We also want to aid in building a better community. We love supporting local businesses, whether it is a cold-brew coffee company in Madison or a farm in McFarland. In supporting these businesses, some prices may be slightly higher than from other sources. As consumers, we too often say we want to buy local then shutter and buy the cheaper alternative. We are extremely thankful for our customers that support us and in turn allowing us to support other local companies. 

We want Forage to be an inviting and nonexclusive environment. We hate when we go into a store that specializes in something and the workers put on a patronizing or superior tone because you may not know as much about the product they sell as they do. But we see it too often. Coffee shops, craft beer bars, cocktail bars, and fancy restaurants are all guilty. We love our customers and we love answering questions that you may have so please do not be afraid to ask. The more informed you are the more control you have over your diet and nutrition. So next time you have a craving for a satisfying and healthy plate, come visit us at Forage. We would love to meet you.