Forage Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented and carbonated tea based beverage that is brewed with a symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria. Here at Forage we brew our own kombucha with high quality tea and organic raw cane sugar. We feel kombucha is best when there are no added ingredients to flavor the kombucha, rather allowing the natural flavor of the tea to carry the beverage. We do recognize that flavored kombucha is popular so we will have both flavored and unflavored kombucha, with the flavored varieties working in conjunction with the high quality tea. 

What to expect from our kombucha: a full flavored, perfectly carbonated, and caffeinated beverage that is a healthy and satisfying drink. Whether you use it as a soda substitute, a post workout recovery beverage, or a morning pick me up, our kombucha will never disappoint. 

Our first kombucha is a brew using a Ruby Oolong from Rishi Tea. Their Ruby Oolong is produced in the Doi Mae Salong mountainous region in Northern Thailand. As we progress we will be experimenting with various teas, including green (including jasmine teas), whites, and additional oolongs. 

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