Purpose of Forage

We opened Forage in the Fall of 2016. We are two (semi) recent UW graduates who enjoy living and eating well. We noticed that there was no clear place to get a quick and healthy meal in downtown Madison and we wanted to change that. For us, eating healthy should not be a challenge. Yes, your meal at Forage may be more expensive than a meal at a different fast casual restaurant on State but we guarantee that you will feel better after you eat. We strive to provide fully nutritious food without compromising on flavor. We put effort into our preparation of our food and we feel you can taste the difference. We would put our salads up against any salad in town. 

We also want to aid in building a better community. We love supporting local businesses, whether it is a cold-brew coffee company in Madison or a farm in McFarland. In supporting these businesses, some prices may be slightly higher than from other sources. As consumers, we too often say we want to buy local then shutter and buy the cheaper alternative. We are extremely thankful for our customers that support us and in turn allowing us to support other local companies. 

We want Forage to be an inviting and nonexclusive environment. We hate when we go into a store that specializes in something and the workers put on a patronizing or superior tone because you may not know as much about the product they sell as they do. But we see it too often. Coffee shops, craft beer bars, cocktail bars, and fancy restaurants are all guilty. We love our customers and we love answering questions that you may have so please do not be afraid to ask. The more informed you are the more control you have over your diet and nutrition. So next time you have a craving for a satisfying and healthy plate, come visit us at Forage. We would love to meet you.  

henry aschauer